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Welcome to ShoppingCart Australia! Your definitely source of information for all things related to ecommerce and shopping cart platforms. Whether you are a small business starting their first website or a large company looking for a true enterprise solution, we have the reviews and guides for you written and submitted by some of Australia's top online retailers and technology specialist.

Online retailing in Australia has taken off in the past few years. The Global financial crisis, increase in wages and broadband internet connections has meant more and more Australian's are now shopping online. Everything from online groceries to electronics, online shopping in Australia is really taking off. With the news of the National Broadband Network set to roll out across mainland Australia, you can be sure that online retailing is the future.

How big is it?

Tradtional retial sales have generally been stagnant or growing at no more then 1% per quarter. Compare this to online retailing which now gros at 10-15% per annum and is predicted to do so for the next 10 years! Online and mobile (smartphone) shopping will soon play an important part of Australia's total retail spending.

Should I go online?

The question is not whether I should, it's why you haven't already! With todays selection of eCommerce platforms there really is no technical barrier for getting online. It comes down to commitment and a little bit of resources to get your store online. When you do, the pay-off will be immense!

If you are finding your bricks and mortar retail sales reaching its peak then there is no better time to chase that extra revenue stream. The earlier you get into online retailer the better!

So what do I need to do? will be a resource for all things eCommerce. Our website will guide you from choosing and setting up the eCommerce platform that suits you and your business, to launching and marketing your website. Stay tuned as we roll out our extensive guides and reviews of all the major and lesser known ecommerce systems for Aussie business. Everything from Zen Cart, Magento, BigCommerce to enterprise solutions like Hybris, IBM and ATG. There is sure to be a system that will suit you.

What guides will have?

We guide you from your first major decision of selecting the right cart to implementing and on-going best business practices. Chosing the right cart for your store is only just the begining. In this highly competitive environment the site the best design and looks is not neccessarily the winner. It takes branding, search marketing, SEO and most importantly a good user experience in order for an online retail store to exist and grow strong through the times.