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Magento for Australian business

What and who are Magento?

Magento's is currently the worlds most popular shopping cart system, whether paid or open source. Today it still enjoys the fastest growth of any shopping cart system in the world due largely to its solid code foundation and feature sets but more importantly its large base of users and developers. Its open source nature has fostered a community of dedicated shop owners and developers, creating a perfect environment for feature development, optimization and 'extensions' that help customize and improve on the base system.

In 2011, Magento was recently bought out by eBay in an investment that further strengthens its core development and status as the top online selling platform.

Magento for Australian business

Magento has been setup and developed since the beginning to be a platform that can be rolled out on a global basis. While it does not neccessarily have features and configurations setup to instantly run an Australian eCommerce store, there are plenty of well developed extensions, guides and setup configuratoins created by other Australian store owners and developers help setup times for Australian stores.

GST is handled by Magento easily through their tax class systems. For a fantastic guide on how to setup GST you can review this Magento forum thread for Australian users. The 'Australian' sub forum on the official Magento boards is another great resource for Australian shop owners to communicate, post and share issues

Shipping methods are also convered either using the Fontis Australian Extensions (which helps intergrate with Australia Post) or by setting up your your shipping rules. The Fontis extension also helps in creating a autoocomplete of Australian suburbs and postcodes in the checkout.

Payment gateways and methods are abundent with Magento. From a basic Direct Deposit option to Paypal. Paypal by default is already supported (thanks to eBay's involvement) and all you need is a Paypal account. Most Australian ecommerce stores with a Merchant facility will be able to integrate and link wth their payment gateways. A common gateway is and there are several extensions available to help intergrate with this popular payment gateway.

How do I get started?

It's simple. Most news stores can start with the community version of Magento. Simply visit to download the latest release or get your web hosting to help install it for you. Magento also has the option of a 'hosted' solution via their 'Magento go' platform, which will host and manage your cart for you. This is a great option for those who are less technically inclined and just wanting to quickly setup a store and start uploading their products. However the downside is less flexibility and control over your own store, since it is managed largely by Magento itself.