What Is A Shopping Cart and What Do I Need to Know?

Shopping Cart Software

Life was tough when the Internet was not yet that accessible to the public. You have to use snail mails to deliver a message to someone who is far away from your location, and getting in touch with your loved ones and friends who live in another country was quite difficult since long distance communication is expensive. In those days, online shopping was still nonexistent, and you had to go to the store to buy what you need. If you wanted something that isn't sold in that store, you won't be able to get it at all.

But thanks to technology, the way of life evolved. Now, it is already possible to shop online and even from stores that are not based within your country. The shopping cart software was born to help businessmen peddle their goods over the Internet and to help consumers purchase those items online. Similar to the function of shopping carts you see in grocery stores, a shopping cart program, which is mainly used in e-Commerce platforms, is used by customers to purchase at least one item in one location. To simplify, the purpose of this program is to make online shopping easier.

A shopping cart is an updated program on the Internet that is suitable for businessmen or for those companies who would like to engage in an online business. Moreover, it can be categorized as either a licensed program or a hosted service.[1]

When using a licensed shopping cart program, it is imperative that you download it from the Internet. Most of these programs require a fee upon downloading, but some software can be acquired without any charges. It is not necessary for you to download a shopping cart program that has a hosted service provider, but most programs being hosted require a monthly or an annual fee.

Why is it needed?

Although getting a shopping cart program is not mandatory, it is still strongly suggested if you want to start an online business or perhaps expand your existing business on the Internet. This is because the software is a big contributor in managing your online company.

Some of the main functions of this program include:

•    Tracking the products you’ve sold to your customers

•    Storing countless files on your page (images,product descriptions, prices, and videos)


More and more individuals are registering in various e-Commerce platforms that offer shopping cart programs due to the benefits that the software can provide. First of all, it is unlikely that these programs can be hacked since there is a high level of security which prevents hackers from causing damage to the program.

As mentioned above, convenience is guaranteed when using a shopping cart. If you want to make daily reports or update your inventories, these activities can be implemented with just a few clicks through the use of this software.

If those traditional department stores close in the evening, customers can visit your online store anytime they want which is an edge to your online business. Whether they would love to shop at around 11 PM or 2 AM, it is still allowable, hence, making you earn money no matter what time it is.

The payment method is also not an issue with a shopping cart software. Most customers take advantage of their credit cards when purchasing a product online, while some use their merchant account such as PayPal. Fortunately, both of these methods are available in most shopping cart programs.

Although many programs require a fee when making an account, most of them are not that expensive to buy.

What you need to know

Shopping carts are totally accessible on the Internet. Nonetheless, it is important that you know certain factors regarding these programs.

Should you wish to get your own account, it is recommended to buy a program if you have the skills to customize your page. This approach can make customers feel comfortable while they are browsing your site.

It is also suggested to only buy a shopping cart system that can be accepted by well-known credit card companies. Moreover, you must first verify that this particular program can give you every feature that you need before purchasing it. These features can include:

•    Flexible payment method to the customers

•    Fast performance to avoid delays during transactions

•    Large capacity to store countless files

•    Technical support availability in case you experience any technical problems

Finally, you can visit any e-Commerce platforms should you wish to procure a shopping cart program. Some of the most popular platforms today are Magento[2],Zen Cart,[3] and 3dKart[4].


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