Magento - A Guide

News: Co-founder of Magento, Roy Rubin has recently attended several conferences and workshops in Australia. Roy touched on subjects relating to Magento, the new X.commerce platform from eBay/Paypal and general eCommerce in Australia especially mobile and social news. Read Power Retails interview with Roy here


Magento – Making Online Shopping Easier

It is amazing to know that we can see a lot of companies expanding their businesses on the Internet. Online deals have features that are not feasible to traditional transactions. With just a few clicks, everything can be completed, hence, guaranteeing convenience to shoppers who want to transact over the Internet.

The development of e-Commerce platforms greatly contributed to businesses online. With these systems, they can help users set up an account where customers can have an easier time in shopping online. One reputable platform is Magento.

Magento is an open source e-Commerce platform which was launched in March 31, 2008 and was developed by Varien (now called Magento Inc.). If you are still new to this program,
why don't you download the free version known as Magento Community Edition to give the system a try? [1]

Magento’s fame is staggering all over the world. One reason as to why it immediately became so popular is because of its rapid development. Moreover, it became one of those platforms that are frequently used by major companies.

Best Features

An unparalleled type of customer service became a highlight to this system. You can guarantee smooth communication between you and a customer service representative no matter what the issue is. Customers can inquire about the status of their ordered products and discuss special requests. They can be assured that their inquiries will be attended to promptly and effectively.

Magento is not complacent regarding their customer service. Magento has provided backend tools to further improve the quality of the company's services by giving the customer more avenues to track transactions and gather information about their requests and orders. These tools consist of:

•    ‘Contact Us’ forms for any questions asked through email

•    History of orders including the status of the products

•    Tracking of orders

•    Mail deliveries to customers who have forgotten their passwords

•    Providing updates to accounts

Customers are also allowed to share the products that they ordered with their friends. This feature influences other potential buyers and can therefore positively impact your sales. Reordering a product is, of course, allowed.

By using Magento software, you don’t have to worry when you experience technical problems. Designers and developers are always available to assist you. Whether you are having problems with your account or you need assistance in customizing your site, Magento agents got it covered for you.

Even iPhones and mobile phones operated by an Android Operating System can gain access to Magento. If you own one of these units, you don’t have to look for a computer since these phones can let you use the program wherever you are. [2]

Magento platform also has great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. By taking advantage of this feature, you can find a way for your online store to be one of the
top results when customers use a search engine such as Google.

With so many benefits that a user can acquire, countless companies agree that Magento has excellent overall services. In fact, you are even given the opportunity to have total
control over your site with minimal charges only.

Who can find Magento useful?

Since Magento has been proven to have excellent services, this program is suitable to those yearning for an online store with high quality features that can increase the chances of having a successful business. Furthermore, this platform can also help you spread the word about your store through the Internet to potential customers all over the globe.

If you want to fully customize your own online store to make customers more comfortable when visiting your pages, you can download Magento now. [3]


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